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Odoo ERP Functional Trainings

ModulesDateTimeTraining Topic
Accounting & Invoicing3 HoursAccounting Management
Accounting Dashboard
Accounting Journal Entries
Accounting Journals
General Ledger
Partner Ledger
Adding & Configuring Bank Accounts
Journals Audit
Invoice Analysis
Chart of Accounts Configuration
Payment Terms Configuration
Configure Journals, Currencies, Fiscal Positions
Configure Accounts Tags, Accounting Groups

Budget Management
Budget Analysis
Budgetary Positions Configuration

Customer Management

Customer Invoices
Customer Credit Notes
Customer Receipts
Customer Payments
Customer Follow-up Reports with Automation for customer reminders
Follow-up Levels Configuration

Vendor Management

Vendor Bills
Vendor Refunds
Vendor Receipts
Vendor Payments

Asset Management
Depreciation Schedule
Asset Modules Configuration

Tax Management

Tax Report
Tax Adjustments
Lock Dates
Tax Report Configuration
Tax Groups Configuration
Tax Units Configuration
Taxes Configuration

Analytical Accounting & Financial Reporting

Analytical Profit & Loss Report with Period comparison
Analytical Balance Sheet Report with Period Comparison
Analytical Trial Balance with Period comparison
Analytic Report
Analytic Items Configuration
Analytical Accounts Configuration
Analytical Account Groups Configuration
Analytic Tags Configuration

Financial Reporting

Profit & Loss Report with period comparison
Balance Sheet Report with period comparison
Executive Summary with period comparison
Cash flow Statement with Period comparison
Trial Balance with period comparison
Consolidated Journals
Financial Reports Configuration

Purchase Management1.5 HoursRequest for Quotations
Purchase Orders
Purchase Agreements
Vendors Management
Products & Product Variants


Purchase Dashboard and Analysis with Pivot Table, Chart and Graphs


Vendor Pricelists
Purchase Agreement Types
Product Attributes
Product Categories
Units of Measure
Units of Measure Categories
Sales Management1.5 HoursSales Quotations
Sale Orders
Sale Teams
Customer Management
Orders to Invoice
Orders to Upsell
Products & Product Variants
Sales Dashboard and Analysis with Pivot Table, Chart and Graphs
Sales Teams Configuration
Quotation Templates
Product Attributes
Units of Measure Configuration
Units of Measure Categories Configuration 
Activity Types
Manufacturing2 HoursBill of Materials
Master Production Schedule
Manufacturing Order
Work OrderUnbuild Order
Planning by Production
Planning by Work Center


Work Orders
Manufacturing Orders
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Production Analysis
Quality1 HourQuality Overview

Quality Control

Control Points
Quality Checks
Quality Alerts


Quality Checks
Quality Alerts


Quality Teams
Quality Alert Stages
Quality Tags
Inventory & Warehouse Management1.5 hourInventory Overview
Inventory Adjustments

Master Data
Product Variants
Reordering Rules
Lot / Serial Numbers


Inventory Report
Forecasted Inventory
Inventory Valuation
Stock Moves
Product Moves


Warehouse Locations
Warehouse Rules
Warehouse Routes
Operation Types
Put away Rules
Product Categories
Product Attributes
Product Packaging
UoM Categories
Employees1 HourEmployee Management
Department Management
Employment Contracts Management
Employees Analysis Dashboard with Pivot Table, Chart and Graphs
Job Position Configuration
Employee Skills Management and Tagging
Resume Types
Work Locations
Employee Badges, Challenges and Goals History
Salary Package Configuration Incl. Advantages, Personal Info & Resume
Attendance1 HourCheck In/Check Out
Kiosk Mode
Attendance Analysis using Pivot Table, Chart and Graphs
Time Off45 MintTime Off Dynamic Dashboard
Time Off Overview with pivot table for analysis
Time off Approvals
Time off Allocations
Time Off Reporting by
Employee & Time Off Type
Time Off Types
Accrual Plans
Public Holidays
Activity Types
Payroll45 MintEmployee Information
Employee Contracts, Salary Attachments
Work Entries, Conflicts, Time Off to Report
To Pay
All Pay Slips
Payroll Analysis Dashboard with Pivot Table, Chart, and Graphs
Work Entry Analysis using pivot table
Salary Attachment Report using Pivot Table
Configure Work Entry Types, Working Timings
Configure Salary Structures, Structure Types, Rules, Rule Parameters, Rule Categories, Other Input Types
Salary Package Configuration Incl. Advantages, Personal Info & Resume
Expenses1 HourMy Expenses Report with List, Kanban, Graphical, Pivot Table, and Activity Views
Expense Report with List, Kanban, Graphical, Pivot Table, and Activity Views
Expense Report to
All Reports

Expense Analysis using Graphical, Pivot, List and Kanban Views
Expense Products Configuration
Expense Activity Types Configuration

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