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Software Solution for Pharmaceutical Distributor Industry

We have a very functional and suitable Software Solution for Pharmaceutical Distributors.

Core Modules

Accounting Module

Double Entry based Financial Accounting System goes Incorporated with all the Operational Modules. 

  • Income
  • Liability
  • Assets
  • Expenses
  • Bank Account
  • Cash Account

Exclusive Modules

All the operational Modules of the system are integrated with the Accounts. At the same time following it has the Conventional ones. 

  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Journal Vouchers

Clients Vendos & Customers

  • Client Input Layout for Enrollment & Tracking Module
  • Different Privileges given to different clients with complete tracking
  • Discounts Passed to different Clients in a period Tracking
  • Complete Tracking of the Sales Reporting with respect to Clients. 
  • Tracking Cancellation Reporting with Respect to the clients. 
  • Client Payments Collection and the Outstanding Balance Updates. 


Procurement Module initiates the process of marking the purchase from any Vendor enrolled as Accounts Head in the Database. The System will keep tracking the records of each generated Purchase Order and generate report of pending items each with respect to the receivable quantity from the respective specified vendors. The Compilation of Purchase could either go restricted to be linked with PO Modules or it could even bey very simple of defining each item with purchased quantity right on the Purchase Module Layout. In case of Purchase compilation against PO raised earlier, the system keeps tracking down the level of pending quantities of the items mentioned on the PO’s.

Inventory Movement In the System

The Raw Material Inventory and the Finished Goods Tock are both being maintained in the system very comprehensively. 

Raw Material

The Activity goes integrated real time with the operational modules such as GRN, QC Update and Finally Purchase Compilation (In order to in-bond the received stock from Vendor). Further it included issuance of Raw Material against Batch of Production through Manufacturing Order or the Packing Orders (MO & PO) against a BMR specified. and so the inventory reports are build in both ways, the item wise summarised statement and as well as stock ledger for any chosen item.

Stock in bounding / purchase Module

Purchase Module

HR Module

Reporting Module

Features of the Products

  1. Customer Account Management
  2. Customer Account Management
  3. Vendor’s Account Management
  4. Sales Entry update customer accounts and stock
  5. Purchase Entry update vendor accounts and stock
  6. Payable to vendorsexpenses Reports
  7. Receivable from credit customers
  8. Stock Report full summary with item
  9. Vendor & Client Ledger Reporting
  10. Summary of your Business
  11. Reporting
    1. Item wise
    2. Item Stock Ledger
    3. Receipts Report
    4. Payments Report
    5. Sales Report Detail Transaction
    6. Item wise summary
    7. Expense Detail, Summary and Yearly Expenses
    8. Cash in Hand Report
  12. General Ledger of client and vendor


We are providing gratified services to the following esteemed clients.

Vision Trader
ANS Enterprises
Data Traders
MH Marketing


Video Demo of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software Solution

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